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What We Do

Marketing & Advertising

Our Marketing & Advertising Teams provide:

  • Strategic Marketing Guidance and Implementation – We Identify and define your target market, geo, and demographic; Outline budget and define campaign goals;  Produce short or long term plan of action.
  • Brand Development – We help you identify your voice and tailor it to connect with your target market.
  • Social Media Management – We build your presence, develop a social media planner, develop and publish posts, reels, videos, and information; boost posts for deeper market saturation.
  • Digital Advertising – We define your goals and outline your budget; produce advertising campaign options for your review; Develop and produce creative ad sets and posts;  Manage or advise on budgeting application (ad spend).
Project Management

Our Project Management Teams offer an array of support:

  • Program Analysis – Our team sets out to examine, define, and improve your organization or program. Our team will produce a comprehensive management study with recommendations for implementation.
  • Strategy Development and Execution – In a changing environment, we help you navigate the changing landscape. Our team turns your strategy into an actionable plan.  We help direct your staff and resources towards a common goal.
  • Experience Across the Department of Defense – Our team members range in experience from action officers to strategic oversight planners and managers. We have team members with civilian experience as well as military experience with retired ranks from E7, W4, through O7.
  • Agile and Adaptive Contract Teams – With a vast array of experience within our team, we can promptly adjust our team to meet your specific requirements.  We have experience in Human Resources with a specialty in Recruiting, Operations, Training, Intelligence, and Logistics.  We have a tailored team ready to help solve your challenges.

Capabilities and Contracting Data